Why Education is in Need of an Essential 21st Century Makeover

Why Education is in Need of an Essential 21st Century Makeover

Exploring the Need for a Comprehensive Overhaul of Traditional Curriculums​

Revolutionizing education for the future should entail holistic and modern teaching practices. Education is the foundation upon which our future generations build their lives. Meant to stimulate and harbor hope and inspiraton, there are teachers out there now that go the extra mile to teach their students something new; add a fun, additional element to the rather boring, old-fashioned and outdated curriculums that still circulate many public schools worldwide. But should our teachers really have to go this particular educational extra mile?

When we can fly a corporate CEO to space, send the next astronomical crew to the moon and know that private schools are miles ahead in what they are being taught (e.g. have a look at the curriculum of  one of the world’s most expensive private schools in Switzerland), have computers programs now so advanced that they easily could have written this note (it didn’t, I pinky swear) – then why are we still teaching our 12 year olds – for weeks on end – for example, about different Greek mythological gods? Should we not be equipping our educators with the very best curriculums to churn out little future geniuses in all aspects (not just academic), regardless of household income and status? Clearly, there are some serious disparities that need to be recognized. There are educational gaps which

Don’t get me wrong –  imagination is a crucial element of developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in every soon to be adult. It helps to develop creativity. It helps boost self-esteem. However, a briefer, more concise look at a diverse range of mythical gods and stories (there are plenty of mythical African gods that are not on the list of most curriculums, curiously) would suffice in exchange for more current knowledge that will lead children of the future to the precise, more modern skills they will need. We must strike a balance between teaching foundational knowledge and developing skills for the future.  Programming, coding, future-facing awareness on topics such as the enviroment, renewable energy and so much more. Vocational skills should also be added to this list. It is clear that the current state of education, especially in public schools worldwide, are falling short in preparing students for the challenges and opportunities of the modern world.

So why is it that governments around the world – with the exception it seems of progressive nations such as Scandinavia – are lagging behind and teaching our children things that seem antiquated nor will ready them for the future to come? In an age where tech permates every aspect of our lives, should we not close the digital divide and ensure that all students have access to the basic tools necessary for success in our contempory world? Computers, which almost every home globally has at least 1 of (in form of a laptop, tablet or hey I’ll even take a smartphone). We urgently need to invest in modern resources, equip educators with cutting-edge resources, and reimagine curriculums that match 21st century standars. Like Finland, exemplars of forward-thinking educational practices, we should be leading the way with common sense, holistic teaching practices and ensure that every child has a truly transformative learning experience. We should be looking at educating these children, regardless of their background, in a completely upgraded and evolved way. We can and must pave the way now for an upgraded and evolved education system that empowers students to become caretakers of our planet and each other.



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