Global Advancement Institute and Alliance for Change & Yields is a think tank dedicated to research and policy change globally, in the US and the EU as well as in corporate entities for all human but particularly BIPOC progression and equality around the world, balancing an advancement in the equitable and humane right to live in peace and wealth. Through science, particularly embodied cognition, bio-neuro feedback and advanced technologies we advise on using compassion as a first step. Then come the facts.

We take a pragmatic, practical and scientific approach by guiding, advising and counselling clients and governments on substantial (policy) changes that must take place in order to truly emulate and revere those directly affected by the lack of adequate support and progress in eliminating systemic and institutional prejudices by driving innovative policies that serve to benefit all parties. We aim to interrupt the constructs that confine us and build new ideas and mindsets that work for all of humanity.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear – to spread compassion, stability and peace around the world through the continuous highlighting of progess, advancement and education while supporting the end of world poverty and a rapid increase of equally distributed wealth.

Our values

With everything we do, we hold certain principles, accountability and positive actions at our core. This is fundamental to maintaining the integrity, honesty and intellgence needed to get the job done.